Territories Served:
Arrow_new2  Global

Services Provided:

Arrow_new2  Marking removal Arrow_new2  Airfield rubber removal
Arrow_new2  Asphalt marking removal Arrow_new2  Runway cleaning
Arrow_new2  Concrete marking removal Arrow_new2  Runway rubber removal
Arrow_new2  Cure compound removal Arrow_new2  Rubber removal
Arrow_new2  Line paint removal
Arrow_new2  Tape removal
Arrow_new2  Epoxy removal
Arrow_new2  Thermoplastic material removal

Methods Utilized:

Arrow_new2  Water blasting
Arrow_new2  Hydro blasting

Waterblasting.com Airport Marking Removal

Waterblasting.com’s technicians are experts in Airport Marking Removal! They have removed millions of square feet of rubber and paint at airports around the world with the award-winning Stripe Hog.

Our equipment for Airport Marking Removal includes truck-mounted, self-propelled, walk behind and hand-held removal systems. This versatility allows us to have the perfect machine for any job.

Our Stripe Hog™ water blasting systems provides the lowest cumulative impact force of any marking removal method in the industry and is the preferred method over more abrasive methods such as sand blasting and/or the usage of harsh, damaging chemicals. In addition, our immediate vacuum recovery method prevents debris from resettling into the surface pores, which reduces the frequency of future cleanings.

The final recovered waste water is filtered to 100 microns. When ready for disposal, the solids (recovered rubber deposits or paint particles) are disposed of at an appropriate container or dump site.

Stripe Hog – SH8000

HT2500 – Hog Rider

HT1000 – Ground Hog

Waterblasting.com has over twenty-five years of experience in all types of coating removal. Water pressure, up to 40,000 psi, is used to take coatings off of surfaces at industrial sites, swimming pools, ships and any other location where paint or coatings have to be completely removed.

Before the new surface is applied, the professionals at Waterblasting.com will get all traces of the old coating off your surface first.  The power of their water blasting equipment will make sure the surface is perfectly clean for your new coating so it will last for years and years to come.