Territories Served:
Arrow_new2  United States

Services Provided:

Arrow_new2  Pipe Cleaning Arrow_new2  Paint removal
Arrow_new2  Concrete restoration Arrow_new2  Coating removal
Arrow_new2  Lime stabilization Arrow_new2  Process piping cleaning
Arrow_new2  Clarifier cleaning Arrow_new2  Maintenance cleaning
Arrow_new2  Tank cleaning

Methods Utilized:

Arrow_new2  Water blasting
Arrow_new2  Hydro blasting

If you are a water treatment plant facilities operator, you know the complications that occur with the cleaning of your facility.

In many cases, hard mineral deposits have accumulated ate on the various components of the system. These deposits collect inside of the clarifier dome, inside the pipes, on the rakes, and sometimes on the floors and walls. As the build-up increases, efficiency decreases. These mineral deposits are very heavy, and if allowed to compile, they can burn-up motors and completely clog pipes.  Waterblasting.com’s 40,000 psi water blasters quickly remove hardened mineral deposits without damaging underlying coatings.

Water blasting removes the deposits much quicker than any other method and will not damage the underlying paint on the surfaces. Using the latest pipe cleaning equipment, Waterblasting.com self-propelled cleaning systems travel the length of the pipes while cleaning their surfaces with up to 40,000 psi of water pressure.