Territories Served:
Arrow_new2  United States

Services Provided:

Arrow_new2  Pipe Cleaning Arrow_new2  Line cleaning
Arrow_new2  Concrete restoration Arrow_new2  Coating removal
Arrow_new2  Paint removal

Methods Utilized:

Arrow_new2  Water blasting
Arrow_new2  Hydro blasting

Due to the noxious nature of sewage treatment facilities, sewage plant pipes, tanks and equipment have a unique set of obstacles when it comes to structural maintenance. All concrete areas above the liquid line level are affected by corrosive, destructive gases emitted from the waste contents. This slow but steady release of gases deteriorates the surrounding concrete, eventually leading to the need for removal and replacement.

Waterblasting.com, Inc. offers services that employ water blasting to remove the spalling concrete and allow a viable surface for new concrete to be applied. Traditional methods are simply ineffective when compared to our ultra high pressure water jetting services. A jackhammer, for instance, may effectively break up the delaminated concrete but in the process causes stress fractures in the surrounding structure.

Our water blasting technicians are trained to use our water blasting systems to produce a smooth, consistent pressure which prevent any fractures. The water removes the loose, failing concrete until the stable underlying concrete is all that is exposed.

Our technicians also have a feature not found on a jackhammer: vacuum recovery. This means that during water blasting, no loose debris will be around the worksite. Once the underlying solid concrete is exposed, new surfaces are ready to be applied.