Territories Served:
Arrow_new2 United States

Services Provided:

Arrow_new2 Paint removal Arrow_new2  Chloride removal
Arrow_new2  Coating removal Arrow_new2  Soluble salt removal
Arrow_new2  Marine coating removal Arrow_new2 Interior ballast removal
Arrow_new2  Anti-skid coating removal Arrow_new2 Rust inhibitor application

Methods Utilized:

Arrow_new2  Water blasting
Arrow_new2  Hydro blasting

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting or water blasting is the preferred method for marine removal of coatings from aluminum and steel vessel surface preparation.

Waterblasting.com provides marine coating removal services for exterior vessel surfaces, interior ballast, fuel tanks and other confined areas.

Waterblasting.com can also provide rust inhibitors that can be added to the blasting water preventing flash rusting for up to two days. The methods used by Waterblasting.com are dust and debris free, require no other form of blast media and we leave surfaces in as-good or better condition than they existed originally.

Our 40,000 psi water blasting equipment has been scientifically proven to remove more chlorides and soluble salt content — both of which cause future corrosion — than alternative abrasive blasting methods, such as sand blasting or blasting through the usage of harmful chemicals. Perhaps most importantly, water blasting provides an environmentally responsible option to the airborne debris, dust and fumes caused by other methods. Water blasting is the clear choice for clean, safe marine surface prep and coating removal.