Top 10 Reasons Why Airports Choose Stripe Hog

1. More Production – The Stripe Hog is on the scene quickly, works fast, cleans up after itself, and gets off the site. Airport operators will open windows of access to work tasks that can be performed with little to no impact.

2. No Chemicals – No harsh chemicals for operators, machinery or environment. Uses only water.

3. No Damage – Pavement marking removal and runway rubber removal without damaging the asphalt or concrete surfaces.

4. Less Labor – Requires one operator to operate the Stripe Hog. Consider the value of sending one individual for a stripe removal project to remove more than 700 square feet of paint in less than 45 minutes.

5. More Freedom – Working with contractors on rubber removal or pavement marking removal forces you to create a well-defined window of opportunity with little to no wiggle room. With your own Stripe Hog, you work when you want or need to and you can flex with the dynamic scheduling we all contend with in the REAL world.

6. Fewer Closures – The Stripe Hog’s ability to deeply clean traction grooves reduces the frequency of cleaning while preserving runway traction. Additionally; having your own Stripe Hog gives you the ability to give the centerline a quick wash to increase reflectivity between scheduled rubber removals.

7. More Applications – The Stripe Hog makes quick work of runway rubber removal, pavement marking removal such as water base paint, oil base paint and even thermal plastic markings, cleaning or rejuvenation of existing markings and retexturing of pavement surfaces.

8. More Mobility – If you are part of an Airport System with multiple airfields to maintain, the Stripe Hog is street ready to move about quickly from site to site. No trailers, no caravans of manpower and equipment. Get in and go.

9. Emergency Pull-back – The Stripe Hog’s immediate vacuum recovery is not only great for the environment but allows the equipment to vacate the runway, and clear the object free zone in 30 seconds, leaving a clean surface in the case the Tower orders an immediate pull back.

10. Water Recycling – The Stripe Hog SH8000R is the only system in the world that purifies and reuses the collected water instead of needing to dump and refill every few hours.